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In the summer of 2011, I wanted to go to New York, but I had no money for the plane, so I opened Google Maps it was like actually travelling, but what is a journey without a souvenir photo? 
I started creating collages using photographs downloaded from Street View and Satellite: 
a year long tour across the United States of America, transforming cities into a light and ironic vision of reality. 
A virtual journey, 25 extraordinary collages, an artistic icon of the modern era. 
The first draft of the book dates back to 2012; after finishing the last collage of the trip around the United States of America, I started a blog called 
This is also the title I gave the book, but I did not find publishers willing to publish it.
The second draft of the book was FIRST printed in 2013 through my own publishing house insolitibuk on the occasion of the self-publishing event at LIBER SALON in Milan in September 2013. I also created other handmade booklets of my digital and photographic pieces, which you can see on my blog
I redesigned the layout of the book, turning it into a single-sheet map in the format H. 42 cm X L. 52 cm, colour print front and back.
The most complete version of the third draft of the book was SECOND printed in January 2014.
I printed a single copy with the code “ONE COPY ISBN insolitibuk publishing-homemade unordinarysetupdisassembled-copyright 2014-Jan-by Annalisa Casini" (this is why the real ISBN code is a number!!); it is a simple catalogue in the format L. 42 x H. 29.7 cm, made just so I could present it to my collages at the new media exhibition UNPAINTED in Monaco in January 2014, which I attended as a visitor.
I designed the bag-book cover along with an artist who creates bags using recycled materials; the handles of the book are made from car seat belts.


The fourth project Followed a laborious revision on design first press
limited edition June on the
occasion in July 2014, after  reviewing and made 
by a translation agency text, 
in September
2014 I printed the final version .


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