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From 2011-2012  - I attended the 'artists' books', for a period of one year at the International School of Graphics in Venice, and I refined the techniques for editorial layout. Since the course at the School of Graphic Design began in the afternoon, took advantage of the morning to turn Venice putting into practice what I learned in books of American street photography that I was studying at the library. 
I was in Venice, its tourists and a small camera with zoom reduced. 
After a year of work, I made ​​a series and I printed booklets Smoke, Shopping cakes, Pizza Venetian and Vaporetto.


The course of the artist's book one year at the International School of Graphic of Venice taught me the fundamentals of classic books, but I always wanted to give a personal interpretation more colorful and using images taken from the brochures that I found around the street in Venice .
Decisive meeting was the last teacher conceptual artist that task was to produce a work on the subject, where I produced SMOKE and DOLCETTO and subsequently, in line with my spirit ironic born More Books handmade photo.


For see single photography about these project books click HERE

one sheet book SMOKE Venezia

SMOKE book with lid with cigarettes smoked
Smoke in Venezia by Annalisa Casini

one sheet book PIZZA VENEZIANA

PIZZA VENEZIANA single sheet with envelope and oregano
Pizza veneziana by Annalisa Casini

one sheet book DOLCETTO Venezia

DOLCETTO conceptual book with Weiner

one sheet book VAPORETTO Venezia

VAPORETTO click the image for wiev the movie
A Long waiting Venezia by Annalisa Casini
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