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by Annalisa Casini project - Treviso

collages photos dinamic 2016

The mosaic collage is very charming, the naturalistic view of the hills in Susegana / TV look like paintings of the nineteenth century, and this suggested to me this new way to animate these places.

horoscope london sept 2015

My last trip to London along the escalator I took these advertising posters that looked like a horoscope that answered my questions about my future.

GIF storyline photos people

GIF simple storyline version, I love the movement itself that produces the sequence and I realized giving the speed of the images

according to a precise plan to communicate a story in pictures on board together.


As any lover of street photography I always used a snap shot that is in the palm of my hand, with a reduced zoom many

close-ups are an inch of nose with your subjects.

Classic GIF

People and movement are very fascinating, how GIF was born when I wanted to tell and act on the reality photographed, It is an ongoing project.


#1 - a foot dance
#2 - the nevrotic art


Puppets dreaming

In 2012 year is was a particular a monent of my life I wanted to keep dreaming, I always liked to create me of special souvenir photo, I created a collage with photos of my garden, the table of my kitchen and puppets painted by me on a piece of furniture in the room.



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