Around the world Diary

2015-2018 -  ongoing project  

A collection of photographic ongoing stories of my real travels I using different post production tools like the gif, the collage,

when I do not see a single image but a whole collage, this is my style of the street photagraphy of American school.




Travel and street photography are favorite passions, like contaminating ironically, or create strange collages with photos of my personal travel.

I love to travel and be curious to know the places through food culture, here is a small selection of dishes that I photographed and then eaten, I love creating graphics contamination.



2'013 Amsterdam by Annalisa Casini

London daily stories


2018 unpubblished project  ONGOING
An original project that retains the same creative and surreal freshness work who had inspired her in his collages on Street View in Google maps.

Here a short preview about series Moving road crossings Berlin.




Stampa Stampa | Mappa del sito
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