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This is a new art work 2015 in working progress.


When they cut the forest years ago have left this tree with the hill behind, immediately I thought the first WALLPAPER OF WINDOWS, I started taking pictures every day and every hour always the same subject the passage of time, from 2013 until now.

I never knew how to present the work given the huge amount of photos,

Yesterday I decided to present it in some ways gif Theme selection.



summer wallpaper August 2013
summer wallpaper July 2013
summer wallpaper June 2013
20 march until 27 april 2015 - springtime wallpaper

  Strange shake street photography

This new work began in the spring of 2015 
My passion street photography, graphics and manipulations collages that mix all togheter, for a strange shake.

This selection of my photographs in the saddle of my MTBike and a small digital camera Nikon for children and because I like light and fast for a quick shot.
for a quick shot .


copyright 2015 photos and collage by CreativeAnnalisa Casini



Lunch with.... the Hollywood stars


I love to eat in good company, this is the series LUNCH WITH ...
born to play a few months ago, I prepare lunch and I match the dish following inspiration with the character, then I read the article dedicated to him or her.

It is an ongoing project



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