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Although the Since 2011 use as a creative tool Google Maps  as my favorit medium.
I made a amazing  virtual trip a long one years around the United States of America and produce final 25 collages.


 Then I designed and Published 2 books of this journeys and in October of 2015 they were presented these books to the British Museum Library.





After the trip around the United States with google maps 2011 where to make the collages I downloaded over 70,000 screen shoot, here you can see 2012 the first prototypes before deciding 2014 to print a professional book with ISB code for sale on BLURB.




Mash city Phoenix and sky pool Los Angels collage © 2012 Annalisa Casini Image Source © 2012 Google, Street View and © 2012 Google, Sanborn, Map data © Google, Sanborn



This collage is the last in the series

and in the American journey. When I saw this intersection in Phoenix, it seemed like I'd arrived early in the morning bright light and little traffic. While I was looking for a bar to have breakfast, I came across a man who was walking on the street 'graffiti' and a lorry loaded with crisps, delicious, I was struck by inspiration! I created a visual vertigo thanks to the simple architecture of the neighbourhoods of Phoenix;

to add an abstract touch, I used a Los Angeles swimming pool as seen from the satellite for the sky. WOW!!



Mash Face's woman is launched at high speed, Miami and Key West collage © 2012 Annalisa Casini Image Source © 2012 Google Street View and © 2012 Google, Map data © 2012 Google


In this collage I created the kinetic image in its raw state, but the gaze has to be guided

according to the following instructions: first look at the yellow line in the foreground above the car,

then the cars on the freeway on the right, and then guide your gaze from the rear of the

bus to the front, and you'll feel like the bus is being propelled at high speed and trying to brake around the bend. 

chapter: BRIDGES 
Mash Start Night Bridge, San Frisco and Key West collage © 2012 Annalisa Casini - Image Source: © 2011 and © 2012 Google, Street View - © 2012 Google Map © 2012 Google

The fascination exerted by the San Francisco bridge was incredible, but too complex, so I reconstructed

a new stylised version and created a dynamic interplay in the foreground between the arrows painted

on the road surface and the cropped cars.

Then I added a contrasting colour of the sea in Key West with boats seen from the satellite, as if they were stars

preview BOOK my journey AROUND WORLD   with Google Maps



The author of the American virtual journey made in 2011 has embarked on a new journey: a kind of SKETCH PAD of collages made exclusively using photos from Google Maps around the world. There are 9 experimental collages; the freedom of the compositions is extraordinary and the subjects have never been dealt with before: the snowy peaks of Chile, footprints in the African sand,

the grass of the savannah, reflections on water. The constructions steps of some collages are revealed for the first time,

as well as an advance preview of her forthcoming trip to Venice. 

Mash Flipped russian, Russia collage © 2014 Annalisa Casini Image Source © 2014 Google 

street view 
here a gif animation
The inspiration comes from the urban agglomeration with the condos with the red band, so I balance the composition by creating three focal points of red: the sign on the right, the jackets of the two people, and the wooden house. Then I flip over an image with clouds and skyscrapers, move it under the meadow, and the compositional spark lights up!! To create a visual sprint between the sharp images, I place an image with beautiful out-of-phase effects due to a slow internet connection in the middle.

Mash Water's glitter Venezia as SanPietroburgo, Italy-Russia

collage © 2014 Annalisa Casini  Image Source Street View © 2011 Google,

© 2013 Google, © 2014 Google

Here a gif animation 
The aim of the sketch was to highlight the various types of reflections of light on the water: the grand canal in Venice and the puddles of rain on the pavement in Red Square in St. Petersburg. I mix black-clad Russian passers-by and the Venetian gondolas; to add an ironic touch to the collage, a sky furnished with aerial
"work in progress"
signs from St. Petersburg.


Mash Twin Rialto, Venezia, Italy collage © 2014 Annalisa Casini Image Surce  © 2014 Google, Street View



After a series of collages of the Rialto Bridge, I decided to recreate a new three-dimensional perspective of the inner right side of the bridge. There's usually always confusion above and below the Rialto Bridge: a continual coming and going of tourists, steamboats, barges, and stalls. Due to the low structure of the vault of the bridge, only steamboats and barges pass underneath. But if that were not the case, so would the cruise ships that pass a few metres from Piazza San Marco every day in a passage known as the 'bow to the city'. Here you see a piece of ship on the right, while on the left there is white foam to evoke the incessant river traffic of the river couriers that supply goods to the shops of Rialto.


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