Redeemer celebration VENICE - ITALY 

tips for experiencing the wait for the fires together with the Venetians on the island of GIUDECCA

























The best views to admire the fires of the redeemer these are the terraces of the super-luxury hotels,

here is the link to the prices menu of the redeemer where the fireworks can be admired from above, 

You can search their locations on google maps, surely the most favored is the terrace of the Hilton Hotel

(Mulino Stucky) on the Giudecca island where you can enjoy an exceptional panoramic view.

Hotel Savoia e Jolanda / Hotel Hilton / Hotel Marriot / Hotel Danieli / Hotel Gabrieli


Or you can also admire without spending anything admiring along the foundations

in the areas as indicated by the map, best Views:
Punta dogana
Fondamenta Zattere
Riva dei Schiavoni
Isola Giudecca

Further information directly from the website of the municipality of Venice open this link.



Redeemer celebration in Venice - Italy





7.00 p.m. Opening of the mobile votive bridge from the Zattere

to the Church of the Redentore

The bridge remains open only

for the feast of the redeemer

until Monday which will be dismantled.

10.45 p.m. For safety reasons, the pedestrian flow will be interrupted on the votive deck starting pm and for the duration of the fireworks show.


Basin isle Giudecca 11.30 pm Fireworks show


Place :  

Venice / Italy                

Isle of Giudecca basin  

at the Church of the

Redeemer Holy Mass





4.00 pm: Start of the regattas

7.00 pm: Solemn Mass celebrated by the Patriarch of Venice at the Church of the Redeemer on the Giudecca 







One of the few celebretion most felt by the Venetians that includes a religious

aspect and conviability that culminates with one of the most complex and magical fireworks that redouble their beauty with reflections

reflected on the water.


But the fireworks famous for their complex scenery every year more and more different and spectacular, but they are not all in this historical festival.


The true celebration of the Venetians

is waiting for fireworks. 


 I suggest you go in the early afternoon to breathe the anticipation and the preparations that are the true soul of this popular festival along the Zattere foundation at the Saloni, Fondamenta dei Sette Martiri or Riva dei Schiavoni.




Or go around 7.00 pm on Saturday along the Zattere foundation to enjoy the air of waiting for the temporary mobile votive bridge built on boats that from the Zattere island of Giudecca to allow

the faithful to give the votes at the Basilica Santa Maria della Salute in Giudecca erred by the government of Venice for the end of the plague of 1631, from then on every third Saturday of July the Feast of the Redeemer is celebrated until today.


The Venetian people prepare the tables along the foundations, with homemade dishes with gastronomic specialties of the Venetian tradition bovoeti with garlic and parsley, sardines in saor, bacala 'creamed with polenta, and all washed down with good prosecco wine, as is tradition towards half night they serve pasta and beans that looks more like a cold pasta than a hot soup according to the Venetian tradition.


Venetian hospitality is so felt that

often strangers are invited to take part in them at their table or offer a slice of watermelon.

Who comes from outside and

has no table useful advice

cheap and traditions

The feast is celebrated in particular also in the San Marco basin around the floats where fireworks are mounted to take the best seats already in the early hours of the afternoon gathering slowly with all kinds of floating vehicles from the small boat to the sailboat with so much disco.


To book the boat for an event here is a link While the prestigious hotels compete with excellent menus and

cram in as many tables as possible on their roof terrace to accommodate anyone willing to pay mind-boggling figures for the most anticipated and most famous event in the world.


For those arriving from outside Venice shortly before the movable bridge opens around 7.00 pm

they begin to take place in advance to be able to admire the event given that the foundations are those who organize themselves with cooler bags and pillows and arrive 4 hours earlier, those arriving at last moment and stay with your back against a wall to keep your place, the heat and the long wait can warm the spirits.


iIf, on the other hand, you do not like

the crowd and want to enjoy the fires from afar, you can take your picnic lunch and a mat to lay out on the lawn of Parco delle Rimembranze on the island of Sant'Elena.


useful tips how to get there and where to sleep

How to reach and return

from the event


The best way to reach Venice is by very convenient TRAIN since the train station at the VENEZIA SANTA LUCIA stop is the terminus and the exit from 'right on the Grande canal with the Vaporetto moorings.


ARRIVAL BY PLANE: AIRPORTPORT OF MARCOPOLO OF VENICE there are different water taxi, vaporetto and the very convenient Venice Airport Bus Shuttle 

runs over an elevated dedicated line and takes you to Piazzale Roma, the last link to the mainland for the vehicles and you can cross the Calatrava bridge a few steps and enjoy the first charm of Venice on the Grand Canal.  


ARRIVING AND RETURNING BY TRAIN: Trenitalia organizes special trains for the occasion of the event and for the massive turnout trains both on the outward journey and on the return with extended and frequent times,  
consult the website of Trenitalia a couple of days before, usually it organizes extraordinary trains both in the daytime arc and for the return with last train around 2am not for all destinations. 



unlike the past, parking the car is now very convenient, you can consult the hourly prices, see more information: TRONCHETTO PARKING



ARRIVING BY BICYCLE From the Ponte della Libertà Which connects the land to the island of Venice

from 2018 it is forbidden to pedal and also carry your bicycle by hand among the streets of Venice.

You can park it in the PIAZZALE ROMA in Venice or at the CITY.PARK in Mestre.

 AT THE END OF THE EVENT HOW TO RETURN TO FOOT TOWARDS THE STATION OR AT YOUR HOTEL, the municipality of Venice has organized a unique journey so that the crowd can quickly flow away without thoughts of losing you.


WHERE TO SLEEP: the night of Reddentore is a very famous party and prices throughout Venice neighboring islands including the price increase is very high on all receptions from the hotel to the hostel, option is to book well in advance or to book in the nearby cities very well served by a single railway line Udine -Venice and Venice-Udine, you will find the most affordable prices in sequence MESTRE, MOGLIANO VENETO, TREVISO, these are the best and historically and culturally pleasing to visit them.


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