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Although the Since 2011 use as a creative tool Google Maps  as my favorit medium.
I made a amazing  virtual trip a long one years around the United States of America and produce final 25 collages.


 Then I designed and Published 2 books of this journeys and in October of 2015 they were presented these books to the British Museum Library.






The author of the American virtual journey made in 2011 has embarked on a new journey: a kind of SKETCH PAD of collages made exclusively using photos from Google Maps around the world. There are 9 experimental collages; the freedom of the compositions is extraordinary and the subjects have never been dealt with before: the snowy peaks of Chile, footprints in the African sand,

the grass of the savannah, reflections on water. The constructions steps of some collages are revealed for the first time,

as well as an advance preview of her forthcoming trip to Venice. 

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