My unordinary artistic background


Annalisa Casini studied 2011-2012 at International Graphic School of Venice- Italy and in the following years self studied all visual arts: architecture, urbanism , advertising graphics, and american street photography at the Library of Biennale of  Contemporary Art

of Venice-Italy.


She is a new media artist and photographer and web designer self-taught specialized urban landscapes with applications Google Maps tools as medium for created surreal digital collages from Street View imagery since 2011.

2014 the first project a one-year virtual

trip across the U.S.A. download 70,000 screenshots, created 50 extraordinary collages and published 2 books on this journey.


In the following years  he has developed other projects like gif animation and surface design with imagesfrom street view.

Preview the full project:






My work collages are a source of inspiration and studies of young postgraduate around the world

With great pleasure, my collages are again the object of study come to other artists who are looking for a GOOGLE MAPS EARTH  like tool medium to create art, will be included in big the work ongoing  post-graduate of Hanny Oldendorf  here is the reference early link aesthetikendesvirtuellen.de    Stay in tune for next publication!




My collages urban landscapes they inspired in the next book by Colubri Andres  it's indicated my web link site as an example of the creative process using Google Maps in the street view as a medium collage tools. Here the link of book Colubri Andres



 2017-18 Start a new project in creative street photography for architecture and urban landscapes

  without google maps I started a few months ago URBAN MOVING LIFE is ongoing project
is a street photography with no zoom while traveling in the real world, 
I have visited and photographed for the time being Madrid, Berlin, Venice.


Early 2016 I developed my knowledge of web designers and animation gif and photo for the realization of two websites thogheter Paolo Lesti, as follow project:
The definition of the painting project of Free Expression a pictorial Our Followed Teaching experience for Creativity Laboratories spontaneous painting for children.
Our first site on behalf of the International Committee of Centro Internazionale della Civiltà dell'Acqua, we worked on the project as a web developer and graphic .
While I personally realized the photo shoots for the Fountains of city of Treviso , carried gif  animations and collages www.fontaneitaliane.com


In early 2015 I follow a production studio on various topics around the world with google maps, in particular environmental ambiental contexts of Venice and the new project on the behavior of people in enclosed public now available on the new option tools of google maps on see inside.
In this moment I started to develop a range all forms of collages with photo classic camera, photo collages for public events artistic sequence of 3 years of photographic work every day and now on the same subject
THEME WALLPAPER, collages with pictures of myself as MUPPETS DREAMING,  parallel with my photographic project with street view renewing it with new developments in ways gifs.

And I open my website www.annalisacasini.com

From July to October 2015 I traveled between Amsterdam and London

for culrural  and artistic insights .
October 2015 I presented my 2 diaries virtual trips with google maps

to Britsh Libray London.


In late July 2015, my goal it will be able to produce and present my first collection design UNORDINARY DESIGN, for the first time I designed the collage on the shape of the chair with a triple and collage.

Project: Street Surface Design


In January 2014 I printed my first book prototype of the American journey and designed along with an artist of recycling and reuse a cover bag was presented at the exhibition of new media unpaintedMonaco as visitor.

In March alone I am dedicated full time to the promotion of my collages. I used the platform Blurb ITALY and I designed the graphics layout and editorial, and all texts and I print a limited edition book of U.S.A. JOURNEY diary with my top 25 collages, rich annotations and unusual sights during my journey with Google Maps preview the first pages BOOK UNORDINARYSETUP U.S.A.
and a second book for preview the first 15 pages 


2014 august to October I attended specialization course digital design to Parsons School of Design of New York  - Interios design 


2011-2012 International School of Graphics in Venice, and I refined the techniques for editorial layout. Since the course at the School of Graphic Design began in the afternoon, took advantage of the morning to turn Venice putting into practice what I learned in books of American street photography that I was studying at the library. I was in Venice, its tourists and a small camera with zoom reduced. After a year of work, I made ​​a series and I printed booklets Smoke, Shopping cakes, Pizza Venetian and Vaporetto.
self published book

And I open my web site project about my collages with Google Maps

www.unordinarysetupdisassembled.com now convert in my site www.annalisacasini.com



2007, I finally started to dedicate my self full-time to art: I started  self-traning the Library of Contemporary Art Biennale (ASAC) to Venice and to investigate the issue of images modern architecture and urbanism, American photography, graphics and marketing. 


2008-2011 I learned how to use the software for digital painting my favorit is COREL PAINTER X and other software open source and video editing, publishing, animation.
My gym was digital You tube, when it was possible 
achieve by itself the graphic background of its channels called Homepages, I had made a hundred in four years.My kind has always been to highlight the irony with our modern age and consumerism in general. I produced several series Digital: Monge marketing on food for cats, Web cam stone, stories of couples with plants, Life building, Postcard, Chat rum, some of these works can be seen on my website

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