Discover the area around the Rialto Fish Market, up and down the Rialto Bridge, then up to the terrace on the fourth floor of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, let's discover 2 places to eat on the take way and 2 crossed with the cheap ferry gondola.

?We recorded this video in 4K HD to get a better viewing experience I recommend opening the fullscreen for the smartphone, or on your computer screen or telivision, and for an even more immersive experience,  be sure to put on your headphones and listen in 3D audio.


?Discover the area around the Rialto Fish Market, up and down the Rialto Bridge, then up to the terrace on the fourth floor of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, let's discover 2 places to eat on the take way and 2 crossed with the cheap ferry gondola.


?Filmed on 05 Feb 2020 morning


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▼▼Video Timeline Links tour guide▼▼
00:05  Starting point ferry gondola Santa Sofia
01:04  Departure of the ferry gondola 
02:50  In the water in the middle of the Grand Canal
04:48  Arrival at the pier ferry gondola Santa Sofia 
05:00  Lodge Fish Rialto Market 
08:22  Stone Sale rules
09:30 Market for the details sale of the historical Serenissima
12:23 Carved columns market fish
17:33 fruit and vegetable market
18:33 Fondamenta delle Prigioni (best view ferry gondola way) 
           (Fondamenta it mean street front water)
23.48 Campo Bella Vienna (the best place to take a Venetian aperitif)
24:48 Campo de la Erbaria (romantic best place to eat)
26:25 Fondaco dei Tedeschi close the Rialto bridge entrance (best selfie)
28:20 Sottoportego del Bancogiro (Venues of the Venetian nightlife)
29.01 Campo San Giacomo di Rialto (campo it mean square)
29:25 4 Column (for two shapes carved out of a shell and a fish are the rules engraved 
                               by the Serenissima, once the Fish market was here)
32:01  Ruga dei Oresei (many Venetian artist as Shop Mask ) (Ruga it means street)
33.01 Central staircase of the Rialto bridge
33:53 The most famous view on the Grand Canal
36:07 Pescaria San Bartolomio (Pescaria it means street)
36:56 docking dock of Water Bus stop RIALTO
39:05 Rio de San Salvador (best view to see the column of gondolas)
41.30 Supermarket good prices and take way food
43:11 Carbon pier for the gondolas panoramic tour (luxury ride)
45:36 Carbon pier for the ferry gondolas from bank to bank (cheap ride)
44:52 the best view to see the Rialto Bridge over the water
47:17 Riva del Vin (Many restaurants with Grand Canal view tables)
49:46 very nice entrance side of the Rialto Bridge
50:25 Shop with Murano glass a typical form is the prancing horse
51:48 Another view of the Rialto Bridge towards Fondaco dei Tedeschi
54:25 Salizada Pio X  (Salizada it means street)
55:55 Ramo del Fontego dei Tedeschi (Ramo it means Street)
56:48 Entrance to the Fondaco dei Tedeschi is a luxury shopping center
1:00:43  Only public rooftop and free to see the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge
1:05:50  pier for goods couriers on a boat launching itself in parcels
1:06:36 Stop at Al Merca' serving good sandwiches in the window, wine and appetizers
1:10:19 Ruga dei Spezzieri (Many Italian specialty shops and excellent take ways)
1:11:48 Stop at Pastry to buy the Venetian pancake is with raisins
1:14:27 Campo delle Beccarie ( End of the ride tour we are once again in front of the old fish market)

With attached map of the walking tour click the icons for details, that you can follow the rich map in the link with the following from point 1 to point 62 where you can read useful information for your walking tour

Venice urban glossary

PIAZZA it mean SQUARE (but only PIAZZA SAN MARCO is so called)



VAPORETTO it means WATER BUS it is a public transport

similar to the metro

FERRY GONDOLA a very large boat and connects only from one side
of the Grand Canal  

GONDOLA it is a small typical Venetian boat for exclusive tourist use for a set tour

WATER TAXI has the same function as the taxi with the wheels of the mainland for a fee

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