Videos no talking, I like to travel alone along the street of the world, to walk quietly and capture the life that revolves around it, topics can range, parks, transportation, cities, any place accessible on foot, and to discover good things to eat.  
I am based in Venice and you will also find much of it seen from a different angle less touristy, along the streets,
and ferry boat rides.

WALKING in VENICE up and down RIALTO BRIDGE - 4K HD            with gondola ferry Santa Sofia to FISH MARKET RIALTO

              WALKING in VENICE with WATER BUS 1 line                         Accademia to Rialto for SPRITZ aperitif - Itinerary 

WALKING in VENICE with WATER BUS LINE 5.1 and 5.2 - Itinerary 

WALKING in VENICE with WATER BUS Line 1 - Itinerary 

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