Videos no talking, I like to travel alone along the street of the world, to walk quietly and capture the life that revolves around it, topics can range, parks, transportation, cities, any place accessible on foot, and to discover good things to eat.
I am based in Venice and you will also find much of it seen from a different angle less touristy, along the streets, and ferry boat rides.



It is the public transport that transports only people, wheelchairs, not bicycles.

Which lines cross the Grand Canal?

line 1 and line 2


What's the difference?

Line 1 larger ferry 18 stops

travel time 49 minutes slower.

Line 2 small ferry 18 stops travel time 25 minutes faster







For FERRY the cost is single ticket € 7.50 for a 75-minute ride.


All trips with the ferry boat cost the same, 1 ticket for a single ride lasts 75 minutes, within this time you can go out and take other vaporetti with different directions.

Attention TICKET times, checks of staff dressed as normal passengers random checks the fine varies if the ticket has not been electronically obliterated, the time has expired, if you do not have the ticket, if your subscription has loaded trips but you have not obliterated , if your subscription is empty and you wanted to be smart, this rate costs between 60/75 euros.


There are attractive options for 24-hour, 2-day, 3-day tickets. 

If you come often very convenient subscription lasts 5 years and a single ride costs only 1.50 all the information you can see link https://www.veneziaunica.it/it/content/trasporto-pubblico

or ask for information at the office located in Piazzale Roma to the right of the Ponte della Costituzione.


                          how to do yourself a tour with water bus                      #1 itinerary with line 5.1 and 5.2 

A panoramic 5.1 ferry boat ride by sea for those in a hurry Fondation of Zattere al Ponto longo with colorful houses, Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, Magazzini del sale, Punta Dogana, the tower of San Marco and Palazzo Ducale are a triumph seen from the sea.
Arriving at the GIARDINI BIENNALE stop, get off and continue on an itinerary towards the common Venice in the Castello district to discover the boroughs of the laundry, the garden of the virgins, a visit to the arsenal inside its exhibits allowing free water crossing.
to conclude a spectacular panoramic tour with the 5.2 vaporetto from Bacini Arsenale Nord to Lido SME to admire the power of the Serenissima from the sea with its beautiful Arsenale doors.

                          how to do yourself a tour with water bus                      #2 itinerary with line 1 - panoramic best Venice

Orario linea 1 dal 1 aprile 2017.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [204.4 KB]
map of the tour line 1 from Lido to Piazzale Roma, 
click the drops to see the monuments close to each ferry boat stop

Line 1  ferry boat 

Positive: wonderful view along the Grand Canal with the stops of the most beautiful tourist points, I mention a few San Marco square Accademia Bridge, Rialto bridge.

Negative: it is slower because it makes all 19 stops, the very large and wide ferry that travels along the Grand Canal 
Journey time from Piazza San Marco to Venezia Santa Lucia station about 40 minutes.
Journey time from LIDO S.M.E  to terminus PIAZZALE ROMA about 49 minutes about 4,7 km
The Giardini Valeresso stop to reach Piazza San Marco was registered at the San Zaccaria stop.


                          how to do yourself a tour with water bus                                            #3  itinerary with line 1                                        panoramic Accademia to Rialto Bridge with apertif

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